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I’m sorry… I can’t help it xBBBBBB 

The homage of the day (?) is for Leo, because he’s got his shell shocked, and he still have to continue fighting for his family ;w;

get better soon Leo, all the fandom is with you ;///////;
Lo siento, no pude evitarlo xBBBBBB

El homenaje del día (?) es para Leo, porque recibió una paliza, y todavía debe continuar luchando por su familia ;w;

Recuperate pronto Leo, todo el fandom esta contigo ;////////; 


Counting down to the first episode of Season 3. I wonder what would be in store for them. 

Right now we can only speculate. It can be too much for a children’s show, but then again, why not? Kidnapping, clan/gang rivalries, alien invasions, violence etc. had been covered, why can’t a little romance too? There is that love triangle, sure…but will Donatello ever catch a break? Will Leo find Karai again? And will April find it in her heart to well, love in times of war?

Anyway, while we are at it, might as well just hop over to the TMNT vision quest portraits MASTERPOST. Like everyone else, I can only speculate until the new episode comes up. Lucky Bb’s who are able to catch the 8 minute sneak peek at Wal-mart….for there is no Wal-mart from where I come from, so…….tough.

So here I am, reading secrets-of-the-woods awesome tales. Seriously. Heart breakin’ tear jerkin’ stuff. If Christopher Nolan will make his version of TMNT, it will be as dark as this one. -_-

Wrist is all better, I can start drawing again. Oh joy.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

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